Sleep better, live better.

As promised, we’re continuing our multi-part sleep series. In case you missed it, here is Part 1. This week, our team has put together 5 more tips and tricks to help you get a more restful sleep. Let us know what sleep habits work for you so we can continue to share how to have a magical sleep and a more productive, energized day!

1. Naps

Science has proven that a short nap of 20–30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness, and performance. At Momentum, we recognize the importance of taking naps for increased productivity and overall wellness. We have set up a ‘napping station’ in our office where team members can take naps as needed. Despite the proven scientific benefits, napping is still stigmatized in Western culture.

Check out this fascinating article that gives strategies for using caffeine consumption and naps to enhance productivity.

2. F.lux app

If you have been keeping up with our ‘Sunday Suggestions,’ you’ll recognize this one. These days, we have constant distraction at our fingertips. We’re not only being distracted from sleep because we like to binge-watch Netflix; there are scientific facts that prove the adverse effects our screens have on sleep. According to research, the light of your screen is enough to incorrectly cue your brain to signal wakefulness in the body. The F.lux app counteracts this by making the color of your computer screen adapt to the time of day to avoid triggering alertness when it’s time for sleeping.

3. Gravity Blanket

Have you heard of the Gravity Blanket? This therapeutic blanket is a simple revolution you won’t be able to live without. The Gravity Blanket is a weighted blanket designed to relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. The blanket increases serotonin and melatonin levels while decreasing cortisol levels, improving your mood and helping you sleep better.

4. Calm app

Calm is an award-winning app that helps you relax, meditate, and sleep. Calm recently launched Sleep Stories, which they describe as bedtime stories for grown-ups. Calm also has a collection of long music tracks designed for focus, relaxation, or sleep.

5. Tracks To Relax podcast

Our Community Manager highly recommends this podcast. In Part 1, we shared about the Sleep With Me podcast, which bores you to sleep with a story. Tracks To Relax provides you with bedtime sleep meditations to help you drift off into a deep sleep!

Try out some of these tips and tricks and see if your sleep improves. If it does, do you find yourself being more productive? More energetic? Monitor your results and let us know what you find!