Speed up your workflow with Momentum’s Bookmarks Bar, Links, and Tab Groups.

One of the simplest ways to save time online is to have the websites you use most often in one place. We're all about saving time at Momentum, so of course we've got your bookmarks and website navigation needs covered!

In this blog post, you'll learn how to add your favorite and most used websites to Momentum. The features we'll be highlighting are Momentum's Bookmarks Bar, Links, and the game-changing Tab Groups feature. In our latest update, we made some improvements to our Bookmarks Bar, so let’s start there!

Momentum's Bookmarks Bar

The default bookmarks bar doesn’t always display in the New Tab page, so we built our own that does! Best of all, Momentum’s Bookmarks Bar syncs with your browser's bookmarks. This means that you don't have to re-add the bookmarks you've saved over time.

To enable Momentum's Bookmarks Bar, visit the General section of Settings ⚙️ and click the switch next to Bookmarks Bar.

In the Links section of Settings ⚙️ you can customize the Bookmarks Bar even further! To get to your most visited websites faster, enable Start in Top Sites. Or if you're looking for a cleaner and more compact look, remove the titles of your bookmarks with the Icons only option.

What’s new?

Opening a bookmarks folder now displays the links in a dropdown menu, so you don't have to scroll horizontally. Clicking ••• on the far right also displays your links and folders overflow in a slick dropdown menu.

The color of Momentum’s Bookmarks Bar is also customizable! Keep it simple with the light or dark theme, choose your favorite color, or use our awesome Photo match theme!


The websites you save in Momentum’s Links section are synced to your account, so you’ll have access to them no matter what computer or browser you log into. 

To add your own links in Momentum, click Links at the top left corner, click + New Link, name your link, add the website’s URL and then click Create.

Pro Tip: Enable the Stay open option in the Links section of Settings ⚙️ to see your links whenever you open a New Tab.

Tab Groups

Another benefit of Momentum's Links section is that you can create custom Tab Groups. This time-saving Plus feature lets you open a group of links in separate tabs with just one click!

For example, my Support Tab Group opens all the websites I use to address the community's requests. If you wear many hats at your job, Tab Groups makes switching between roles much faster.

Another useful tab group is my News group. In this Tab group, I’ve added my favorite news websites and open it every morning to stay up to date. 📰

To learn more about creating your own Tab Groups, check out our Tab Groups guide.

While Momentum’s Links are free for everyone to use, the Tab Groups feature is for Plus members only. If you'd like to use Tab Groups and many other awesome features — upgrade today!

Upgrade to Plus

I hope you learned something new in this blog post and feel inspired to add your favorite websites to Momentum! For more details on the features mentioned in this post, check out our Help Center.

If you have any questions or feedback on how we could improve Momentum—let us know. We’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021!