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Create custom tab groups to visit multiple websites with just one click.

Momentum’s new Tab Groups feature lets you create custom website collections that will open in separate tabs with just one click. In this blog post, we’re introducing Tab Groups by sharing three ways you can use them to help save time, stick to a routine, and even improve your mood!

1. Simplify routines

Adopting and following through with a new routine can be challenging. One of the keys to making a routine stick is reducing the time and energy it takes to start it. For instance, if you want to get into a routine of exercising each morning, it is easier when your exercise clothes are laid out the night before and the place you’ll be exercising is close by (e.g., in your living room, at a neighborhood park, or a gym within walking distance).

My ideal morning routine includes a meditation session, followed by a few minutes of journaling and then about 15 minutes scanning my favorite news sources. To simplify this routine, I created a Morning Routine Tab Group that includes all of the resources that make up my ideal morning. When I open this Tab Group, I am instantly connected to my favorite meditation app, online journaling service, and news sources, so I can jump right into my morning routine.

2. Effortlessly switch between roles

Our different roles and responsibilities at work or school often have us visiting the same websites day after day. To save yourself time searching for the same sites every day, add them to a Tab Group so they’re always just one click away.

For example, when I open my Support Tab Group, all of the services I use to complete my day-to-day support related tasks open. I’ve also created Admin and Marketing Tab Groups, so I can effortlessly switch between those roles as well. 👍

3. Spark different moods

Whether you’re feeling anxious, stressed out or uninspired, surrounding yourself with particular music, imagery, or messages can dramatically alter your mood. Creating a mood-themed Tab Group is a great way to launch yourself into a different headspace.

To give myself an on-demand boost of inspiration, I added two of my favorite motivational videos to my Inspiration Tab Group along with a cinematic music playlist. After I finish watching the videos, I feel rejuvenated, and the cinematic music helps keep that energy flowing.

Getting started with Tab Groups

Tab Groups are available exclusively to Momentum Plus members. If you’re not already a member, consider upgrading today to use Tab Groups and all of the other exclusive Momentum Plus benefits!

Upgrade to Plus

To add a tab group, go to Links+ New Link. From New Link, use + Add Another Tab to add more links.

For more information about Tab Groups, check out the Tab Groups guide in Momentum’s Help Center.

If you have any questions, feedback, or want to share how you’re using Tab Groups, send us a message — we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Ben WilsonAugust 26, 2019


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