Better weather data for all. Air quality info added to Plus.

Momentum’s Weather widget has provided Momentum users with weather updates for years. Today, we’re excited to announce a big change!

All Momentum users now have access to AccuWeather’s feed for free! Also, Air Quality data is now available for Plus members. 🙌

AccuWeather for all

Before, only Plus members had access to the AccuWeather feed. Now, Momentum’s Weather widget displays AccuWeather data for everyone. 🙂

AccuWeather is a leading global weather data provider. Their superior accuracy and reliability will help us all make the most informed weather decisions.

You don’t need to change or update anything. When you use Momentum’s Weather widget, it automatically displays AccuWeather data. 

To see a 5-day forecast, open the Weather widget by clicking the temperature at the top right of Momentum. For even more weather info, click AccuWeather at the bottom of the menu.

Air quality and more

Thanks to AccuWeather, Plus members now have access to local Air Quality data! 
To see your location’s air quality, open the weather menu, click •••, and enable Extra weather info. Air quality is available in the extra info, below Sunset

Only on Plus

Extra weather info like air quality and hourly forecast data are included in Momentum Plus. Upgrade today to gain more detailed weather info and use all the other awesome Plus features!

Upgrade to Plus

Pro Tips

Momentum's Weather widget packs a powerful punch. As promised, here are some useful tips and tricks — you might learn something new! 🙂

Open/close the weather menu

No need to click the temperature each time to see more info, just press W.

Mouse hover for more info

Hover your mouse cursor over certain weather data to display more info. 

Change temperature units

Click ••• and adjust the Metric units to toggle between °C and °F. This also changes the units for other measurements like precipitation and wind speed. 

Change location

You can check the weather conditions in other parts of the world too. Double-click your location and start typing to enter a new location.

Extra weather info & hourly forecast [Plus]

To quickly show or hide the extra Plus weather data, click the caret symbol (^) next to the current conditions and ‘Feels like’ temperature.

Thanks for reading this blog! This partnership with AccuWeather gives everyone access to the best data possible. Whether or not you use Momentum's Weather widget, we appreciate your support. 🙏

As always, If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. 🙂