How to beat impostor syndrome and low motivation

Have you ever had a little voice of discouragement whisper in your head? Especially when you think about big goals or new feats you’d like to accomplish, insecurity and doubt can creep in. From a sense of overwhelm to feeling like a total impostor, resistance to change comes in waves for even the most accomplished people.

The good news is, that you don’t have to leave your goals to the mercy of resistance, no matter the source. With a solid structure in place to improve your mindset and remind you of what matters, you can overcome resistance and move steadily toward your goals.

Where does resistance come from?

Simply put, our brains are programmed to protect us and keep us alive. Every part of our personality and daily rhythms are learned habits and neural pathways in the brain. It’s a great survival mechanism: can you imagine having to think about how to eat, how to dress, and how to talk to another person every minute of every day? You’d be brain fried!

The downside of our brain’s natural habituation is that new actions and new ideas work against our set thought patterns and habits. When we start to take new actions, our brain feels uncomfortable. That sense of discomfort will bring up all kinds of rationale to stop changing and stay the same instead. 

On top of the resistance coming from our own minds, we run into external resistance as well. This could be your family disagreeing with your choices, your friend or partner feeling uncomfortable with your growth or even logistical challenges in the way of your next steps. And of course, there’s always a background of pressures we sense from ‘societal norms.’ Whatever the reason, we’re all susceptible to internal and external resistance on the way to our goals. 

People of every age, race, and circumstance have overcome resistance to accomplish the most unlikely goals. It is possible, with a little mindset practice.

Building A Resistance-Proof Mindset

One of the secrets to overcoming resistance is to re-enroll yourself in your goals every day. That way, doubts and discouragement never get the chance to take over your willpower. You can do this by reviewing your goals, and keeping inspiring quotes and images on hand. Imagine you’ve had a terrible week, and you’re about to submit an application for a job or degree you’ve been dreaming about. You have no idea how it’s going to go. You might be intimidated and doubtful in the moment, and then you open your Momentum Dash and see the following:

What if a couple of sentences could change the trajectory toward your goals?

Whether you listen to your favorite pump-up track in the morning, make time to read an encouraging book each day, or simply keep a great quote in view, you can clear resistance from your mindset. Momentum has several tools that can help.


Mantras are the short phrases you can repeat and remember to build up your mindset. With Momentum Plus, you can write in your own mantras and select your favorites. 


Do you have a collection of quotes you rely on? Like a library of mentors from across time and countries, your collection of quotes can help you train a great mindset. Momentum has hundreds of empowering quotes that appear at the bottom of the dashboard each day. With Momentum Plus, you can upload your favorite quotes and save the ones you like the most.

Though it seems uncommon to strive for greatness, success, character, and having it all… the only difference between those who truly go for it and those who don’t is their mindset. With a browser full of inspiration and intentional mindset tools, you can set yourself up to think like the person you want to become. 

Have you designed your ultimate inspiration dashboard already? Send us a screenshot at and we’ll feature you! We love seeing you create the life you want, and reach the goals that matter to you!