Background sounds to help you focus and relax

We are excited to announce our latest addition to Momentum Plus, Soundscapes!

Enjoy our collection of scenic background sounds including campfire, beach, forest, and café. You can also choose a random scene or build your own custom one.

Support your flow state

The flow state (“in the zone”) enables us to do our best work while also enjoying a feeling of effortlessness. A critical component is working through a challenging task. When a task isn't challenging, listening to a soundscape can occupy your mind just enough to enter flow.

Soundscapes are also great for maintaining focus by breaking through silence or drowning out distracting noise.

The nature sounds are perfect for meditation, relaxing, and centering ourselves. 🧘

Combine with Pomodoro & Autofocus

Combine with other Momentum Plus features to set up an effective focus mode. Play a soundscape, start a pomodoro timer, and enable autofocus to work through your tasks one-by-one.

Available on Momentum Plus

As a community supported product, we rely on Momentum Plus subscriptions to build and support Momentum. We continue to work toward our vision of an all-in-one productivity app.

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Send us your feedback

We build Momentum with your help, so please send us your feedback, we’d love to hear what you think of Soundscapes. 🙏