Bring extra customization, widgets, integrations, and premium support to your dashboard by upgrading to Momentum Plus.

We’re super excited to announce Momentum Plus! Plus is our new premium version of Momentum that brings extra customization, widgets, integrations, and premium support.

With Momentum Plus you can:

  1. Add your own photos and quotes
  2. Change the photo and quote anytime
  3. Track upcoming dates with the Countdown widget (Coming soon)
  4. Keep track of your notes with our new Notes widget (Coming soon)
  5. Automatically set your top task as your focus
  6. Manage your tasks from Trello, Todoist, Microsoft To Do, Google Tasks (more coming soon!)
  7. See your important metrics, such as Fitbit steps
  8. Feel great about supporting Momentum! :)

Looking for a more in depth look at the Plus benefits?

Check out Momentum Plus

We created Momentum Plus to continue to support and develop Momentum. Subscribing to Plus makes Momentum sustainable, allowing us to continue supporting Momentum and keep working on great new features for you.

We look forward to growing the Momentum team and realizing more of the Momentum vision to make your life a little better each day. Thank you for being a part of this journey!