Change the look of your menus with Momentum's theme options!

Today we’re excited to announce a couple of updates to Momentum’s theme options!

First, we’ve moved the Light, Dark, and System theme options to the free version, and second, we've added a new theme called Photo Match to Momentum Plus. This update gives everyone the option to change the look of Momentum. 🙂

In this blog post, you’ll get to see how all of Momentum’s themes look and learn how to change to your favorite one. 👍

Dark, Light, and System Themes

Give your eyes a break with the Dark theme or brighten up your day with the Light theme. If you change your computer between light and dark themes often, set your Momentum theme to System and it will automatically match your computer’s theme.

Photo Match Theme

We believe that the apps and services you use each day should spark joy when you use them, and the new Photo Match theme does exactly that!

Photo Match automatically changes the color of your menus to match the daily photo, so interacting with Momentum will be even more pleasant! Our team carefully picked a complementary color for each of Momentum’s photos and will do the same for every new photo we add in the future. 👍

Custom Theme

For those of you who want even more control of your theme, the Custom option allows you to select any color and customize the hue, saturation, brightness, and transparency levels. The possibilities are endless with the Custom theme!

Changing your Theme

To change Momentum’s theme, simply scroll down to the Customize section of Momentum’s General Settings ⚙️ and then choose your favorite.

Free users can enjoy the Dark, Light, and System themes, while the Photo Match and Custom themes are available only for Momentum Plus members. Upgrade to Plus today to enjoy those exclusive themes and gain access to all of the other useful Plus member benefits!

Upgrade to Plus

What’s your favorite theme and what would you like to see next in Momentum? Let us know—we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Sending good vibes of safety, health, and positivity. 🙏