We’ve expanded our photo collection and are accepting new submissions!

Momentum’s community loves the daily photos! They provide motivation, moments of calm, and have even inspired some of your travels.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded Momentum’s photo collection! This recent batch of photos is our most diverse yet. You'll find photos in locations that haven't been featured before like Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Latvia! Spectacular views await your discovery. 🗺️

In this blog post, we’re sharing how to admire, favorite, and skip Momentum’s photos. If you’re a photographer (or know one), we’ve also shared how to submit photos for review—we’d love to feature them!

Take a closer look 👀

To see a photo in its full glory, hold your mouse over the photo caption at the bottom left corner for 4 seconds. This enables Admire mode, which temporarily clears your dashboard.

Let us know your favorites 💖

Favoriting photos gives us insight into the type of photos the community likes most. This info helps us curate even more awesome photos!

To favorite a Momentum photo, hover your mouse over the photo caption at the bottom left corner, and then click the Heart.

To view your favorites, open Momentum’s Settings ⚙️, visit the Photos section, and then click Favorites.

See more photos 🏞️ 🌄

Momentum’s photo changes once per day. Plus members have the benefit of skipping photos whenever they want. They can also activate past photos on-demand and add their very own.

To skip a photo, hover your mouse over the bottom left corner and then click the Skip button.

Not a Plus member?

Upgrade today to skip photos, change photos, and even add your own!

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Photographers wanted 📷

Do you have high-quality landscape photos that would look great in Momentum? We’d love to consider them for Momentum’s official feed! To submit your photos for review, visit our Photo site.

Approved photos receive proper attribution credit with a link to your photography page. For help choosing which photos to submit, check out our Photo submission guidelines.

If you have any questions, let us know. 🙂