See essential and time-saving info on every new tab.

In this blog post we are highlighting three of our favorite features! Each one gives Momentum a true dashboard feel. They connect you to important info in a clean and simple way. These features used to be hiding in the settings, but now you can add them right from the dashboard.

Without further ado, we’d like to officially re-introduce Momentum’s World Clocks, Metrics, and Countdowns!

World Clocks

These days it’s increasingly common to have clients, team members, or friends in other parts of the world. Being connected to a global network is awesome. Coordinating across time zones is not. 

If you don’t have a room full of clocks to work in or you're tired of Googling “What time is it in…?” for the thousandth time, Momentum’s got you covered. 

Our World Clocks feature shows the current time in other time zones right on your dashboard. Add as many clocks as you need and name them whatever you want. 

Pro Tip: Hover your mouse over a clock to see the time difference (e.g., Tomorrow, +16 hrs).


Working towards a health goal or work milestone? Seeing the progress you’re making(or not making) towards your goals can be a strong source of motivation. Robin Sharma says it best, “What gets measured gets improved”. 

Momentum's Metrics provide support by displaying your goal progression right on your dashboard. Use these friendly reminders to stick to your goals and make adjustments when needed. 

  • Manual Metrics — Add and update any type of goal yourself (e.g., daily glasses of water).
  • Metric Integrations — Connect to other services like Fitbit and Strava. These metrics update automatically (e.g., Fitbit Steps and Strava distances).
  • URL Metrics — Get live data from public APIs (e.g., currency exchange rates).


For a lot of us, the thought of missing an important event sends a shiver up the spine. If you've ever had a nightmare where you were late for a meeting or exam—we feel you. While Momentum can't stop those nightmares, it can help you remember upcoming events!

Momentum’s Countdowns let you set helpful reminders of your events and deadlines. These countdowns display whenever you open a new tab, so you can't miss them.

World Clocks, Metrics, and Countdowns are exclusively available on Momentum Plus. To use these features and many others, upgrade today! We are confident that you’ll love Plus, which is why we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. 👍

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Thanks for reading this blog post. We hope that you learned something new and that these features help streamline your life. As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.