Track your daily water intake, Fitbit steps, stock prices and much more!

Level up your dashboard by adding the personal and professional data that is most important to you with Momentum’s new Metrics feature.

In this blog post, I’m sharing some useful metrics that you can add to your dashboard like daily water intake, Fitbit steps, current stock prices and more!

Stay hydrated with Manual Metrics

One of my favorite uses of Momentum’s metrics so far has been monitoring my daily water consumption. I used to forget to drink water throughout the day and feel dehydrated, but now that I have a friendly ‘Water’ reminder on my dashboard I’m drinking a lot more water and feeling refreshed!

Each time I have a glass of water, I update my Water metric and then go about my day. If it’s 12 p.m. and I see that I’ve only had one glass of water, I know that I’m behind the daily recommended 8 glasses, and it’s time to drink some more water!

Momentum Plus members can add a Water metric of their own by enabling Metrics in the General Settings ⚙️, and then adding a new Manual ‘Water’ metric that Resets daily.

Monitoring your daily water consumption is just one use of Manual Metrics. Track how many cold calls you need to make this week, exams you have left this semester, books you’ve read this year or anything else that is important to you. The possibilities are endless!

Step it up with Metric Integrations

Similar to seeing a reminder of how much water I’ve had throughout the day, having an active count of my daily steps within Momentum has helped boost my daily activity. If I see a low number of steps midway through my day, I will make an effort to go for a walk during lunch to get closer to my daily goal.

With Momentum’s Fitbit Steps integration you can connect your existing Fitbit account to your Momentum account to see your active step count. And if you don’t have a Fitbit device, you can still use this metric by setting up Fitbit’s free MobileTrack feature in their mobile app.

We currently have Metric integrations for Fitbit Steps and Todoist Karma, with plans to add more! Upgrade to Plus to connect to either of those Metric integrations today, or let us know what metric integrations you’d like us to add next!

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Stay in the know with URL Metrics

Over the years we’ve had many people request that we add stock prices to Momentum, and with Momentum’s Metrics feature, this is now possible! With the help of a public API like IEX Cloud you can add the current price of your favorite stocks to your dashboard!

Adding URL-based metrics requires a little bit of extra work, but this option opens the door to a wide variety of metrics. To get started, check out our how-to guides for adding stockcurrency exchange, or cryptocurrency metrics. 🙂

If you add a Metric you think would be useful to other members of the Momentum community, send us a message — we’d love to share how others can set it up as well!

Getting started with Metrics

Momentum’s Metric features are exclusively available to Momentum Plus members. If you’re not already a member, upgrade today to access Metrics and all of the other exclusive Momentum Plus benefits!

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For more information about adding Metrics, take a look at our Metrics overview in Momentum’s Help Center.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to share how you’re utilizing Metrics in Momentum, send us a message — we’d love to hear from you! 🙂