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Take your day to the next level by adding your favorite inspirational images. Change your background to anything, anytime.

August 23, 2016

Amplify your experience by adding your most inspirational images

We're excited to announce one of our most anticipated features: Custom Backgrounds.

You can now tailor your imagery to your exact interests or goals with custom backgrounds and maximize your inspiration.

Custom Backgrounds is the latest in our vision of bringing more personalization to your Momentum experience.

Here's how to add custom backgrounds

TL/DR: Drag and drop an image onto Momentum or go to Settings → Backgrounds. Click a background in the list anytime to make it the current background.

  1. Click SettingsBackgrounds.
  2. Click Add Background.
  3. If you would like to edit the title/source, hover the background and click the Edit icon.

You can change the background anytime by simply clicking on the background you wish to see.

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Bring extra customization, widgets, integrations, and premium support to your dashboard by upgrading to Momentum Plus.



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