The ultimate guide for Entrepreneurs to leverage Momentum Plus to fully live into the company vision


When running a business, your time often has overlapping demands. Between meetings, hiring A-Players, and making the next sale, efficiency is essential.

There’s no one more passionate about your dream and your business than you. The best way to guarantee your success is to build systems that protect your time and focus. No matter how passionate or talented you are, or how golden your next opportunity will be – even the best entrepreneurs will stumble under the pressure.

Momentum Plus is uniquely designed to help you overcome distraction, overwhelm, and procrastination to steadily build your business.

Here's how:

Beat Distractions with Focus Tools

Front and Center Focus

As the visionary of your business, you’ll inevitably be attracted to new ideas, tactics, and tools that could present more opportunities. Every seasoned entrepreneur knows that these shiny objects are more distracting than golden tickets. You’ll need a way to bookmark them for later and return to the task at hand.

CEOs and entrepreneurs know that leverage makes the biggest difference in your productivity. Focus on tasks that will move the needle the most. When you write your #1 Focus in a place where you’ll see it constantly throughout the day, you get a regular reminder of the most important task that will get you to your goal. Remind yourself of your highest-leverage task by filling in your center Focus on a new tab. 

Trigger Deep Work

Once you’ve identified your highest-leverage task, it’s time to set yourself up for deep work. Silence your phone and let your team know that you won’t be available for a while. This block of time is for you to tackle important tasks that need your full attention. 

Pomodoro Timer

Start your deep work session with Momentum’s Pomodoro timer. With a set block of time to focus on your highest-leverage task, you’re less likely to be distracted by alerts, requests, or new ideas.

The idea of the timer is to set yourself a bracket of time that you can only work on one thing, with no distractions, until the timer is up. It effectively gamifies your deep work sessions and admin time by challenging your brain to stay focused until the timer runs out.

Start the timer and focus for 25 minutes. At the end of the time, you’ll have a 5-minute break to use however you like.

The best way to reset your brain after a session is to get away from the screen, and take a walk or grab a snack. If new tasks or ideas arise during the 25 minutes or during the break, you can jot them down to address later and keep working on your #1 Focus task.


A great way to signal a deep work session to your brain is to play calming background sounds. Momentum has all kinds of soothing nature and white noise to combine however you like. Some sounds, like ocean waves or nature sounds, can remind you of the lifestyle you’d like to create by making it big with your company. With the Pomodoro timer and soundscapes easing you into deep work, you’ll accomplish your #1 Focus task in no time.

Beat Overwhelm with Organization

Sometimes running a company feels like a job for 10 copies of yourself. You have goals for every area of the business, and though projects are moving, it can feel like the ship isn’t sailing fast enough.

It’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed at times as an entrepreneur or CEO, especially when you have too many decisions to make. Try these Momentum tools to get organized:

Notes and To-Dos

Filling out categorized to-do lists can help you organize and prioritize your many tasks and goals. Add important information or contacts in the Notes tool. You can keep track of conference insights or webinar notes here as well.


The Links tool in your Momentum Dash can act as your business playbook. Store links to your bank, CRM, brand guides, and other essential tools here.

Have a white paper or investor deck you’re working on? Keep it handy in Links so you’re ready for every conversation.


Metrics are a CEO’s best friend! Here you can track your sales goals, monthly recurring revenue, or the latest sales records. Track how many sales calls were made or even your Net Promoter Score. 

“What gets measured gets managed"<br>

Peter Drucker


Countdowns can be a fun way to gamify your weeks, months, and quarters into work sprints. Count down to the end of the sprint with the handy counter in your dash. You can also count down to important meetings, pitch opportunities, or conferences. Keeping an eye on the milestones for your company is easy when you can count the days to the next big goal.

If you’re intentional about avoiding burnout amidst all the busyness of your business, then schedule quarterly planning meetings far ahead of time to recharge your batteries. Pull these dates into your countdown bar to look forward to a day off and let everyone know ahead of time that you’ll be unavailable on those days.

Beat Procrastination with Motivation

Entrepreneurs aren’t known for procrastination. Most of the time, they’re the first to jump at new opportunities or explore new ideas. But there are areas that can be indefinitely pushed to the side, like tasks that aren’t their strong suit.

When you’ve got essential tasks that you keep putting off, a little motivation can help.


One thing all highly successful entrepreneurs and CEOs have in common is that they have failed before and kept going anyway. Avoid despair when your ideas don’t work out as planned with quotes from the leaders who inspire you the most. 

With Momentum Plus, you can upload your own quotes to see every day on your dash. Reminders of what drives you and your big vision will spur you on, even when your day is a grind. You can also enter your company’s mission statement, favorite customer testimonials, or one-liners to keep on the top of your mind as you hop between meetings.


Mantras are the place for you to come back to center during your day. Pause the hurricane of decisions, projects, and meetings to remember what it’s all for.

Upload your own mantras to remind yourself to enjoy the journey, or to regain perspective while you shoot for the moon.


If you haven’t jumped on the vision board bandwagon yet, it’s time to start. Picturing the kind of life you want for yourself and your business trains your brain to expect that success. Upload your vision board as a background for each new tab with Momentum Plus, and see how the images you see every day start to appear in your life.


Time is precious when you’re racing to launch a product or build the company you’ve been dreaming about. 

We want to see how you organize your business goals and stats into an inspiring dashboard. Send us a screenshot to: for an opportunity to be featured. Your dashboard could help other business owners with their focus, organization, and inspiration!